04 July 2008


Faceless spectators keep popping up at high-profile events.

12 May 2008

Motion movement motivation

Sometimes you find motivation in the strangest of places and forms. As we all plunge into finals week full-force, might I again pass along this Nike commercial as one of the sweetest spots on the power of hard work and all that. It is just a cinematographic gem. Plus, it seems, if you do the dirty work, you get the rewards.

Get ready, poli sci test: Glory is mine!

24 April 2008


TICKLE CITY is taking the blogging world by storm!

Oh what's up, Midweek Award Watch.

17 April 2008

MTV called...

...they want their juicy reality show back!
LT was nearly featured on this latest hit, The Paper, until they realized that the real scoop was on the yearbook staff and they just left quickly. Out the backdoor.

16 April 2008

A girl's worst nightmare

So yeah, trying to be all classy or whatever I finally break out the spring dress; hell, it's finally supposed to reach into the 70's today (70? What!?!?) and basically the entire campus is acting like the sun burst through the heavens and drops of sunshine and warmth are just falling from the sky. If only the wind would die down?

But anyways, I'm feelin' good, and then I see it. Is...is that girl wearing the same dress as me? No way.

Yep. It happened. So, who wore it better?

I guess this kind of thing would never happen if I were as killer as The Sartorialist lasses and laddies!